Thursday: Happy Thanksgiving from Spain!

It might be Thanksgiving in the US, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stuff yourself in other parts of the world!  My Thursday was filled with food and wine and thankfully, some hiking and walking!

Namaste from the Xátiva castle! Today, we explored the quaint town of Xátiva which is about 45 minutes to the west (inland) of Valencia. This town is surrounded by mountains and has two beautiful castles.

After our trip up the mountain to see the castle, we had another amazing lunch. This time it was at Canela y Clavo which is a restaurant that serves food specific to the Valencian region. 

The highlight of the lunch was tasting the craft beer made only in this town called Socarrada. It was a great honey-flavored beer that I am now on a mission to find in the US.

More fois gras with a prune inside and pumpkin purée on the outside (Happy Thanksgiving to me).
More squid with squid ink spurting from the body with each cut of the knife.
Fish (I think sea bass this time) with a red sauce and potatoes.

This was Mandy’s pork. I didn’t try this one, but she said it was really good.

Pistachio gelato with strawberry mouse and yogurt.  Very light and the flavors mixed very well.
My afternoon cortado (espresso with milk).

After lunch, we took the bus back to the hotel where most of us rested. I didn’t want to take a nap so I walked around the city for about an hour and a half. This is the facade of the Corte Ingles store (Macy’s of Spain). It is all decorated for the holidays and reminded me of the Macy’s store in Herald Square in New York City.

We had another huge meal at 9pm at the Ma Khin Cafe which is an Asian fusion restaurant in the trendy Mercado Colon.

 Light toasted chips with yogurt dip


The most delicious artichoke, chickpea, green bean and lemon salad.

Veggie tempura with curry

Seafood potstickers

Pork bun with a wrap that tasted like a sweet marshmallow cream bun!

Hake with vegetables.

Chicken curry with rice
Grapefruit ice with vanilla yogurt
This was a day that revolved around good food and good wine! I was exhausted at the end of the meal (which ended at 12am) and slept until 8:30am on Friday.  
Friday is our last full day in Spain.  I can’t wait to see what the day will bring!

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