Things in Condesa are just as we left them

I am pleased to say that our day of travel went very smoothly.  Both flights were early and we actually got bumped to the Mexican citizen immigration line (aka the fast one) at the Mexico City Airport.  We decided to use a new cab-app called Cabify to transport us from the airport to the hotel.  A pre-paid hotel taxi is around $250 MXN which is $14 USD.  Very inexpensive. However, I liked the idea of using my credit card to pay for transportation while we are here and thought I would try something different.  I picked Cabify over Uber as I have read that their service is a little less expensive since they don’t have as many cars from which to choose.  That kind of thing doesn’t matter to me, so I gave it a try.  With a promotional code worth $125 pesos off of my first ride, I took a chance and place an order while walking out of the baggage claim. Within minutes, my driver called me to find out which door to pick us up at and then he proceeded to describe his car.  When he showed up, he was dressed in a three piece suit, carried our luggage, offered us bottled water and opened our doors for us.  We carried on a very casual conversation all the way to the hotel.  We didn’t get a price upfront which made me a bit nervous.  While tips are included, I felt obligated to leave him something as I was so impressed with his service.  By the time I checked my email, there was already a full invoice waiting.  I was charged $137 pesos minus my credit of $125.  My total cost for the ride for three of us with six bags was $12.90 MXN ($0.75 USD)!  Incredible!  I can’t wait to try the service tomorrow when we visit the home of Frida Kaho/

The rest of our day was spent exploring Condesa.  We attended the Good Friday liturgy at the local church followed by a delicious taco dinner at El Califa.  We returned to join other hotel guests at the evening reception where we met some very interesting world travelers.  Finally, we ended our day with a walk around the Parque Mexico.  What started out as a mission to get some ice cream turned into a late night stop at the local grocery store where we each purchased a small sweet treat to take back to our hotel room.

We are tired, but excited and can’t wait to get up early for our first Red Treehouse breakfast. Abril, the hotel dog, has taken up residence in our room tonight, further evidence that The Red TreeHouse is a home away from home.

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