Eso no es bueno

As my students in Mason might say, “Eso no es bueno.”  After a quick flight to Charlotte last night, Kevin and I made ourselves at home at a nice airport hotel. We watched a little basketball, ordered a pizza and basically just chilled out. We drifted off to sleep before 11. Unfortunately that’s when the fun began.  I’ve been having stomach pains all night long. Nerves? Pizza? A virus? Eso no es bueno. 

Fast forward a few hours and all is well. I remembered that at the last minute I had packed these chewable magic pills that I bought when I was having heartburn in Spain last fall. They are similar to Tums, but there seriously has to be some sort of magic ingredient in them because they are amazing! Unfortunately, I didn’t bring the glass bottle they came from so I don’t know what’s in them. Otherwise, I’d be looking for them in Mexico. Note to self: Find these pills and make sure they are always with you when you travel!

Our morning looks to be uneventful with a direct flight into Mexico City. Here’s the weather forecast for our two destinations! Wish us luck!

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