I’m no fashionista, but my travel clothes are awesome!

If you walk down the street like this, it’s time to head to the Lavandería

I wrote this post while enjoying a beautiful morning at the beach last month.  For the past 12 years, we have traveled to the panhandle of Florida to rest and relax as a family.  Sadly, this trip was probably our our last big trip as a family of 6 as our kids slowly start peeling their way off to college next year.  We soaked up the sun, the waves and the good times for seven glorious days.

While preparing for my beach trip, I though a lot about my clothing choices for my trip to Mexico.  Those who know me well know that I am not a fashionista.  I’m all about value, comfort and coordination.  I would rather have five of the same item in black than a closet full of colorful designer outfits.

Just really wanted to see this picture one more time!

When it comes to what I wear, the only thing I like to splurge on are shoes.  I’m not talking Manolos or Jimmy Choo’s.  I’m talking about orthopedic shoes that last and support my need to be an active traveler.  My favorite brands are Keen, Chaco, Asics and Easy Spirit.  I probably have 8 pair of Keen sandals, flipflops, boots and clogs. They are indestructible and extremely comfortable.  They aren’t pretty, but I can go for miles and miles in them.  When they get dirty, I hose them off.  Easy peasy!  When I was in Mexico, I packed my new Keen Rose Sandals, my Asics trail runners, my Chaco flip flops, my Easy Spirit heeled sandals and my Keds (as an emergency backup).  Every shoe was worn and my feet never hurt.  For Florida, I simply deleted the Keds and the Easy Spirit heels.  I don’t do heels on vacation.  There’s no dressing up around here (at least for me).

Left to Right: Chaco, Asics, Keds, Easy Spirit and Keen
In terms of the clothing that I took to Mexico, I was really very pleased with my choices.  Even with the water damage, I was able to work with my separate pieces of clothing well enough that I only did laundry once.  I did wash out some pieces by hand in my room, but overall what I packed lasted for three weeks.  Here’s a mini-breakdown of my main pieces:
  • denim bermuda shorts (for travel days, loved the pockets)
  • denim capri pants
  • khaki cargo shorts (would definitely suggest travel fabric next time, the cotton was a pain when it got wet at the pyramids)
  • workout shorts (2)
  • black skirt
  • black/white long skirt
  • 3 Athleta/Lucy swim dresses (best.ever.period.)
  • 4 black workout tanks with built-in bras
  • 2 cheap Target tanks for sleeping
  • Black pashmina
  • Black sweater
  • Black zip up hoodie
  • Grey light open sweater
  • White light cardigan
  • Mason (showing my Comet pride) hoodie

Lots of Athleta and Lucy dresses.  So versatile, quick drying and comfy!

Good socks are a must!
Awesome pashmina that I threw in my bag daily.

Light neutral wrap.  Wore this often.
Cheap, Old Navy bra tanks. I have like 5 of these!

One fancy dress from a thrift shop
Rain Jacket that was never with me when I needed it.
It took a leap of faith to give this place my wardrobe for three days.  Thankfully, I got everything back in decent shape.

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