Mezcal, plátanos and helado – Cuernavaca Day 5

Today, after our usual school day, we took a short trip to a mezcal plantation to see how this liquor is made.  I learned that they can’t actually call it mezcal, because only certain regions in Mexico ca use this name (similar to chapagne in France). However, the product, which they called REFINO, is the mezcal equivalent from the Mexican state of Morelos.  It was fascinating to hear about the process of turning agave leaves into steaming liquid which is then distilled into alcohol. There are three types of “mezcal” produced at this plantation.  I purchased a bottle of the white and the reposado (aged in barrels) to bring back with me.  Total cost was approximately $21.00 USD.  I really enjoyed this trip, especially the tasting that we had at the end of our visit!

After the trip, some new friends and I walked to a restaurant that we had heard good things about from one of our teachers.  It was called La Quinta Lucerita.  It was great! We sat outside and had a large meal, including a beer and small dessert, for about $7.00USD, including tip!  I started with lentil soup and rice, followed by a chicken breast stuffed with plaintains and topped with tamarind salsa.  It was really unique!  I also had lots of chips and salsa that had pureed peanuts in it!   Overall, a great experience and a lot of fun with new friends!  Some of us had a little too much fun!

On the way home, we stopped at a convenience store to pick up some things for our long tour of art in Mexico City tomorrow.  I’m really excited to finally return to the homes and studios of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera.  I am also looking forward to visiting the Bazar Sabado where I might find some really unique, and possibly expensive, Mexican art to bring home.

Right by our house, there’s a small ice cream shop.  Tonight, I finally gave into temptation and picked up a small cone before coming home to get settled.  I picked chamoy as my flavor and it tasted like orange sherbert.  It was very refreshing!

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