Packing 95% of the way done

It’s less than 12 hours until I have to leave my house for the airport. I am almost done packing.  There are a few things that will have to be placed in my checked suitcase in the morning.  Thankfully, everything fits.  Unfortunately, I’m not a light packer.  I’m sure that I’m taking way too many things and 99% of them are black, grey or white.  I don’t dress up much and comfort is the name of the game for me so most of what I have packed are basic items like tanks, t-shirts, shorts, skirts and my favorite black Lucy dresses.  I have also included some flip flops, a pair of nice black sandals and my new Keen Rose Sandals which I plan to wear daily.  Here are some snapshots of the things I’m taking that might not be part of your typical trip.

Taking Skyline to share with my host family

Resistance bands and a travel yoga mat for the trip
A laminated conversion cheatsheet will come in handy!

Vitamins to donate to the school in Cuernavaca.

Can’t be too safe.  Lots of meds for  things like headaches, cold/allergies, digestive issues, etc.
A couple of extra travel bags stuffed into my checked bag for the trip home.
My new backpack within a backpack from IKEA. I just love this carry-on!

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