Friday Wrapping Things Up

Not to much to report today. The hot water in our apartment is not working which was a nice surprise on the morning of a long travel day. Not! We walked around the main plaza a few more times before ordering an Uber to take us to the airport. Our flight to Charlotte was delayed by about 30 minutes, but overall it was an uneventful airport experience. Immigration in Charlotte took about an hour which I guess is ok, but it sure seemed like a long line.

We have an overnight layover in Charlotte again which is the price you pay for bargain basement airfare! Fortunately, we used points for the airport hotel. If all goes well, we will be back in Cincinnati by 9:00am, just in time for a full day of activities. 

Welcome home hotel dinner!

We are ready to be home. Ready for our own beds and ready to see our family. Hasta luego Mexico!

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